Wednesday, 26 April 2017

City Square Mall Nursing Room

Visited on 1st Apr' 17


Located only at level B1 and B2 only!!!!

Mass sharing room and there is only one diaper changing rack!! 
Yes, Rack and non cushion!!

Clean and no odour
Basic amenities + Water dispenser (Hot & Cold) 

No Electric point ☇☇☇

Liquid Soap available but no liquid hand steriliser 
Hand towel are available


2 rooms available with doors that can be locked for privacy

No need access from intercom in order to use. 
Just press the intercom button and you can access the room

River Safari Nursing Room

Visited on 5th Mar 17


Compare to its counterpart, Singapore Zoo, the nursing room pale in comparison.
Guess they rather spend on the Panda then the next Gen.

Clean and no odour!!!

This nursing room is located after the Panda enclosure, next to the toilet.

Basic amenities Only
There is diaper changing cushion for the baby to lie on, folding chairs for Mummies to sit

This small room can be locked, wall fan provided
No water dispenser but 2 x  Electric points are available ☇☇☇
Liquid Soap available and spray sterilizer for wiping

No hand towel available